Top Reasons to come to our 4-Year Anniversary Party

We heard you like lists, so we thought we’d make a list of reasons why you should come to our 4-year anniversary party on Friday, January 24th at The Union.

We also heard you don’t like to spend a lot of money on cover to go to live music events in Athens, so we are offering discount pre-sales tickets online.

1. It’s a birthday party. OUr birthday party! Have you ever been a to a birthday party that sucked at OU? Didn’t think so!
2. We’re bringing in big guns national act Milk N Cookies from Chicago.
3. Did you have fun at HallOUween a few months back? Yeah, that was us.

4. DJ B-Funk has some new tracks he’s been working on, and he wants you to be the first to hear them.

5. Your house party is probably going to get shut down by the Police.  The APD have never shut down one of our parties at The Union, and we always go hard till 2am.
6. Tiesto will be there just hanging out.

7. Milk N Cookies are getting airplay at EDC and The European Music Awards by Porter Robinson and Afrojack. That’s pretty dope.
8. Milk and Cookies are twins and that means twice the fun.


9. We’ve been doing this for 4 years, and each year we try and make it better.

10. AJ Castro, one of the world’s best bartenders, will be serving you drinks at The Union.


11. The Union has the best sound system in Athens.  The bass will jiggle your naughty bits and may cause spontaneous orgasms.


12. You don’t have to wait till 12 Fest to see a national EDM act. You can see Milk and Cookies this Friday!
13. What happens at Dave Rave stays at Dave Rave.  Except for all the pics we post on Facebook and tweets to @BobcatMakeOUts.  Be careful!


14. Our parties at The Union are 18+.  No fake ID?  No problem!

15. We have the only coat check in Athens, so you can dance and not worry about someone stealing your shit.


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